About Simuli
Welcome to Simuli!

Who are we?
Simuli is a new guild on draenor, we started up the guild on Legion Launch starting out as a friends guild. Friends who just wanted to play the game and raid together.
Since  then our roster grew fairly fast, and we have now cleared The emerald Nightmare raid on normal difficulty, with 6 of the heroic bosses down.

What is important to us?
Communication, Honesty and Dedication to the game and our characters.
Doing the current content in a steady paste, but also having fun doing so.
For us raiding is teamwork.

What is our goals?
Our goal in Legion is to defeat the current content, prefable at a mythic lvl when the guild is ready to do so.
We used to be mythic raiders, and want to get back to that lvl, but understand that since we are a new guild it will take the time it takes.
Our goal is to also have fun. Play the game, and do it together.

Outside of raiding we are doing mythic dungeons and will be throwing up some events from time to time, Achivement/transmog runs, the odd competitions and other fun things.
We run a lot of mythic dungeons through out the week.

We invite you to join us, if you're looking for a place where you feel included, and part of the team!



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